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Our 5 Senses to Prayer Virtual Prayer Room weekly email provides subscribers with inspiration and ideas for using experiential prayers.

Caroline Bindon has been writing and using experiential prayers for Christian worship in the last twenty five years in many different settings. Her collection of experiential prayers is constantly growing and is available in different formats and collections from Kereru Publishing

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Paid subscribers will receive a weekly email which includes two or three experiential prayers and a personal reflection from Caroline. Use these prayers for your own personal use or use them to prepare for experiential prayers in worship settings such as churches or small groups.

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If you’re signed up to a free plan, you’ll be able to access additional free content which will be published occasionally through the year.

Caroline is an owner of Kereru Publishing and writes a variety of Christian resources and other publications including The Seed Disperser, a monthly newsletter from Kereru Publishing.

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Inspiration and ideas for praying in an experiential and multi-sensory way


Caroline Bindon and Andrew Gamman write resources to engage, encourage and inspire a generation of seed dispersers for the Christian faith and to equip groups of Christian’s together to be church in this changing world.